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10 Tips Of Winning The Dealer While Playing Roulette


10 Tips Of Winning The Dealer While Playing Roulette10 Tips Of Winning The Dealer While Playing Roulette

10 tip win roulette

10 tip win roulette

If you want to win in any betting game, besides luck, you also need some tactics. Moreover, if you want to get huge winnings, you need to accumulate your secrets. In this post, we provide you 10 Roulette tips that you can use while playing land-based or online Roulette.

Tip # 1

Always play at the Roulette table for free first to get used to the table before you play Roulette for real money and place bets on at least one Roulette outside bet.

Tip # 2

Place bets on outside wagers such as Red / Black, Even / Odd, High / Low, Column or 12 numbers. The margin profits of these bets will help you win the game.

Tip # 3

Always check the result of the previous rounds. It helps players predict the result for the next round. If a sequence of 10 red numbers has been drawn, players will usually bet on the red box. This secret is the most important factor that many players rely on to win stably.

Tip # 4

Practice makes perfect. You can start with a free table to catch the game and clear away any unknowns. When you get enough confidence you can start placing bets and earning profits.

Tip # 5

Protect everything you have won. For example, you start your game at $50. After a few hours, you get a total amount of $100, equivalent to a profit of $50. Then, you should withdraw that money to your bank account. In this way, you will not lose and you can only tie. This is the most important Roulette tactic for every gambler. You should remember to always keep the winning amount and play with the original amount. If you lose your original betting amount after a short time, you should control temptation and earn what you have lost in the future. This is a rule every player needs to remember: Bet only how much you can afford to lose.

Tip # 6

Always check the Roulette table before playing. To win a lot and to be stable, you need to remember that you are not competing with the casinos and your main goal is to make money.

Tip # 7

Always remember this rule before playing. Just play European Roulette and limit play American Roulette. The 00 pocket at the American table increases the house edge and your risks of losing as well.

Tip # 8

If you play online Roulette, you should be careful to choose a reputable online casino where the payout ratio is published. Besides that, remember to always choose an online casino that is programmed with a Random Number Generator.

Tip # 9

This tip is for traditional casinos only. Before the dealer spins the wheel, you should spin several times in advance to see if the wheel is biased on either side. There are some results that even numbers are drawn further or vice versa.

Tip # 10

Always keep a copy of the Roulette tips. This copy can be drawn from your experiences or be collected from our website or other sources. Holding it while playing will be a great help for yourself because it reminds you how to win big in this game.


There are 10 Roulette tips that are researched and summarized by previous people. It sounds simple, but to be able to effectively apply, you need to focus and remind yourself. Because when you are sitting at the Roulette table and when you are reading these tips, your feeling will be different and the way you apply these tips is also different. We hope you will get a great success in playing Roulette at online casinos!

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